Reccuring Donations

Charitable organisations are constantly planning or running campaigns – but their core activities are permanent – the salaries of social workers and teachers, as well as the overhead costs are due every month. Therefore, you now have the opportunity to become a regular donor and support your favorite charity’s core activities with a recurring donation via PayPal.This is the way you can support the existence of a charity and help them help their end beneficiaries.

Does your organization need regular donations? In this section, we list our existing NGO partners that are already receiving regular support through our payroll giving program – we know their work and we can guarantee their accountability. If you have three successful campaigns in, you could also request the option for regular donations.So, go on and start you first campaign now! Contact us, so we can create your campaign together.

Choose an organization to support with long term donations


Fund to Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence

The fund is powered by corporate and private donations. Grants are distributed through competitions among organizations working in the field...


'Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children' Fund, BCause

Fund supports families with children up to 18 years of age with chronic diseases and diseases of the central nervous system, endocrine, genetic, mental and other diseases.


Dechitsa Foundation

Dechitsa Foundation works with children deprived of parental care. Our great goal is to provide psychological support and therapy to each child and his volunteer...


Sport for Children with Disabilies Fund, BCausе

Choosing the appropriate activities for every person with a disability is the key to improve his/hers quality of life – for achieving this, BCause relies on its partnership network...


Get ready to Succeed Scholarships Programme

Get Ready to Succeed is a scholarship program launched in 2006 in support of excelling students, who have lost one or both their parents and have been raised in institutions or with relatives.


Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria helps all refugees and asylum seekers in the process of their integration in the Bulgarian society.

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