How to create a campaign?

Below is a step-by-step guide to how to create a campaign.

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Login to your account

If you already have a registration, use the "Login" button at the top of the page.
To create a campaign, to track donations for your campaigns, or see what happens to your donation, you first need to sign up in If you sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account, your initial registration will be created automatically. Use the registration button below.


Take a look of already created campaigns

Select the "Campaigns" menu above. Use the filters at the top of the page to sort by categories.

If someone has already created the same campaign, consider whether you want to create your campaign with the same content. Perhaps it is better to donate funds for this campaign.




Let's start!

Choose from the "Campaigns" drop-down menu - "Create a Campaign"
Campaign creation information is located in 5 steps - "sub-pages".

The information in the campaign you create will not be saved by until you have filled in all the required fields (marked with an asterisk) and until you have clicked on that you agree to the Terms and Conditions..


First, Description of the Campaign

  • Think about a specific cause!
  • Think and write a clear name.
  • Choose a suitable category - this guides the donors who are looking for and have preferences.
  • Specify the amount you need. Let this amount be as realistic as possible.
  • Specify a time limit to which you want to raise the amount. Do not prolong it unnecessarily.
  • Describe the details in the "Full Campaign Description" field. There you can format the text as you find fit.

In whose favor do you create this campaign? Write the name of the recipient of the donation, an individual or organization.

Some donors want to support a campaign in their hometown - so please indicate the town or village (where the violinist Kalina lives or where you will make a playground or where there is a day center ...).

Add a recipient's website, if available.

Approving the Beneficiary of the donations (person or legal entity) is done on the basis of documents submitted by him / her. Documents are the basis for signing a contract between the Recipient of the donations raised through the and the Foundation that manages it. Thus we guarantee the donors that they will not be abused by their donations.

Administrators of the will contact the recipient to request these documents.


Second, Information about the Campaign Promoter - it's you.

Only your name will be visible for users. The rest of information will only be known to the website administrator.

If you're wondering, if the Campaign Promoter and the recipient of donations can be the one and the same person - yes, It may be. But it is not mandatory. Kalina can collect money for a new violin, and her girlfriend or a family member can also be the Campaign Promoter.


Third, GiveBack to Donors

Here, you can create and describe some object or other awards to stimulate donors to your campaign. If you are an organization and have promotional t-shirts, hats, cups, calendars, postcards or other promotional materials, you can create a Gift for Donors (GiveBack). Think about two or several steps.

For example: For a donation bigger than 50 leva, the donor will receive a cup. For a donations exceeds 100 leva - hat with your logo and etc.

Describe your gifts and upload pictures to illustrate them. So they will look more appealing.
Warning: Keep in mind that if you create a donation GiveBack, you are solely responsible to have the nessesary quantity of gifts as well as for sending them to donor addresses. The is not responsible for unsolicited and unsuccessful gifts.


Fourth, Upload photos and create a gallery.

Using photos you can illustrate your campaign.

The recommended size for the main image of the campaign is 720 x 440 px.
The system will not upload photos (files) larger than 2Mb.

You can create a gallery by adding more photos. Press the "+" button for each next picture. Then select a photo (s) from your computer.


Fifth, This the End!

The last step is to Save the information about your Campaign.

Be sure to check box "Agree to the Terms of Service" by reading them before.

Important! In accordance to the General Terms of the, the BCause Foundation and the Recipient needs to sing an Agreement for funding.  The Agreement regulates the way of payment of the donations, reporting, submission of up-to-date information and visualization. The Agreement needs to be signed and delivered to the office of BCause Foundation by mail.

By clicking on the "Save Campaign" button, your Campaign will be saved by the system but will NOT be automatically Published in When the Campaign is approved by an administrator, you will receive an email with a notification that your campaign is active. It is all! If you're done with all this, use the buttons bellow.

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