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Ubisoft Sofia supports the awardees of the ''Get ready to succeed'' program

Ubisoft Sofia continues to support the scholarship owners in the "Get Ready To Succeed" Program. Help us provide quality education to the children in need. 


The cause:

“I want to be successful and I want to help people of similar fate as mine”. These are the words of Tenyo Georgiev – a former scholarship student and a current donor.

These are the words that embody the spirit of “Get Ready to Succeed” the scholarship program. The will to respond to the good, to appreciate the support and pay it forward!

“Get ready to succeed” is a program, initiated by the BCause Foundation, which helps young people, who have lost one or both parents or have grown up in institutions to continue their education.

During the 2019-2020 school year, the scholarship holders are 93 people. For another consecutive year most awardees are students of Medicine – 17. Among the awardees are also 2 law students, 3 future pharmacists, as well as language students, engineers, actors and musicians.

For the past 14 years BCause Foundation gave out 1434 scholarships – their joint amount is more than  BGN 2 100 000. Our awardees study in prestigious universities and degrees in Bulgaria. They are highly motivated, goal-oriented and very proactive.

Throughout the years we have been supported by many people who contribute with their professionalism but also with an honest belief in the power of education and want to help those who chose the difficult but right path to success.

The amount of one scholarship is BGN 2000.

Stand by us! Let’s raise the money necessary for the success of 5 young people!


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Iva Georgieva
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 400  лв.

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 10,000  лв.
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Legal state: NON-PROFITS

Beneficiary: BCause foundation


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Anonymous donor  400  лв.


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Iva Georgieva

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