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Treatment and Rehabilitation for Children

Knowing that your child needs medical help and knowing that you can’t afford it. This is a feeling that no one should ever feel.

The “Treatment and Rehabilitation for Children” Fund, initiated by BCause Foundation, raises donations, which help the children receive their much needed therapy.

The fund supports families with children under 18 with chronic or other types of serious diseases. All of them need regular therapeutic procedures and the means, given by National Health Insurance Fund, cannot suffice at all. The clinical pathways for rehabilitation of children with palsy, for instance, covers 10 days of procedures (20 for those, born in Sofia). For epilepsy, the NHIF covers only 1-2 courses of rehabilitation annually. The fund aims to deliver additional aids as well: wheelchairs, standing frames, medical tricycles, sanitary chairs, etc. Their price is very high and without them the rehabilitation is not so effective.

The decisions for the distribution of the raised money in the Fund are taken by a Committee, which is held two to four times per year. The means are directly transferred to the rehabilitation centers and the medical centers.

Each year more than 40 children receive the medical care they need, but their families cannot afford.

“Again we turn to you, pleading for your help. The first time when you supported us, we managed to buy for our sick child a standing frame, which we have been using ever since. Our child’s condition has improved and our struggle against palsy has been going on. We have been visiting a rehabilitation specialist for half a year, financing these visits privately. We have managed up until now but we need your support again, so that we can make more visits and thus help our little boy get better.”

Those are the lines we received from parents we have supported in the past.

Help us reach more children and their parents! Your support is vital to those children and is a breath of air to the parents, who are making exasperating efforts to bring relief to their children.



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