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Psychological help and career support program

Support children. Raise champions.

This is not a story about someone who came out of nowhere, worked hard and rose to glory. Or, at least, not yet.

This is a story about family, about support, about faith, about togetherness.
The girl in this picture is disadvantaged. She does not live with her family but in a Small Group Home managed by the Cedar Foundation. Which basically means she shares "her parents" with 12 other kids. The good news is - she and all 12 of her peers get to have a personal mentor, as part of the foundation's Psychological Help and Career Support Program. She and her mentor meet every week in individual or group sessions. And they talk. About the challenges of growing up outside the traditional family. About future aspirations. About homework. About jealous boyfriends and nasty school cafeteria food. About the upcoming relay competition.

The girl in the photo is a runner who wins medals. Because she is fast. Because someone noticed that she is and waits for her on the bench at every race. Because she is supported. By the Cedar Foundation's team. By the foundation's donors. By YOU.

Your donation will go towards the Psychological Help and Career Support Program. 6000 lev will cover the program’s expenses for a period of 6 months.

We all can be champions!

The Cedar Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO with 13 years of experience in the social sector. We actively participate in the deinstitutionalization process in Bulgaria. We manage 8 Small Group Homes and a Social Rehabilitation and Integration center where we provide 24 hour care for 68 children with and without disabilities and professional support for 35 disadvantaged youths and their families.


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Ива Хаджийска
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 2,000  лв.

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 6,000  лв.
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Category : Деца и възрастни с увреждания

Legal state: NON-PROFITS

Beneficiary: Cedar Foundation


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Фирмено дарение Paysafe Bulgaria  2,000  лв.


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Ива Хаджийска

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