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Ясен Кирилов / JAMBA – Равенството значи повече

Ясен Кирилов е участник в инициативата 1000 km Balkan Charity Challenge, 2019
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I can understand how difficult it can be for a person to fit in and be a productive part of our society even without disabilities. Being a person that never fit - for years I have heard  people say what I can or cannot be, the truth is that everybody can be whatever  he wants to be and all you need is someone to believe in you and help you achieve more than what the prejudiced society expects from you. I hope that I can be the person to inspire and help.


JAMBA – Career for All is an NGO whose main mission is to support people with diverse abilities in Bulgaria (this is how we refer to “people with disabilities”) attain key competencies, soft and professional skills. As a follow-up step our team helps them begin their professional development and find a job.

Our dream and focus of attention now are to establish an adapted career center where we can work with children and young people of this group every day. This is how they will learn to cope with all the challenges they face from an early age, and then when they turn 18 and it is time to start searching for their career path, everything will be much easier.

We need Your support and funding, in order to provide this physically available and adapted space and make it easily accessible to the focus group.

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