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Art-therapy and support for children with cancer and their parents

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ARTON Foundation Bulgaria is focused on mental recovery of cancer patients of all ages. ARTON was the first professional Bulgarian hospital art-rehabilitation program for children with cancer and currently it is operating at the three largest departments of pediatric hematology and oncology – in Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv. The program is structured as group and individual art-sessions, combined with psychotherapy with a clinical psychologist. Apart from the resident psychologists, various artists in various art-fields are engaged in the lessons, bringing kids new skills, the joy of creating something with their own hands, as well as a way to express their feelings. Art-sessions lift their spirit, give them a meaningful occupation, helps them connect with other children at the hospital, and helps them overcome the trauma from long-term hospital stay. Support groups and sessions for their parents are also part of the ARTON program. BGN 6000 will be enough to fund the program in one of the three largest pediatric oncology wards in Bulgaria for a year. 

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Iva Petrova

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