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Flutter supports Compassion Alzheimer's Foundation

"Promising undiscovered Olympic hopes" is a campaign to promote the well-being of people accommodated in the Nursing home for Adults with Dementia in Kazanlak through table tennis.

The practice of table tennis among people with cognitive disorders, especially in the early stages of the disease, has a proven beneficial effect on health. In the Nursing home in Kazanlak, there are 10 men who are at an early stage of the disease, in good physical shape, they have been active and have a strong desire to practice this type of sport.

The home does not have such equipment, and regular practice can significantly improve both the physical and cognitive function of residents, their mood, well-being, overall quality of life, as well as reduce the stress and strain of caregivers.

With the amount of BGN 4000, a ping-pong table and equipment will be purchased for 10 users and 8 staff of the Nursing home.

Thank yоu for your support!

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