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Flutter supports Sport for children with disabilities Fund of BCause

In Bulgaria, children and young people with disabilities are granted access to medical rehabilitation therapies and treatment /through the NHIF/ and have the right to attend specialized day-care centers, where they receive physical therapies, as well as social rehabilitation services. However, they rarely can socialize with their peers; and do not have access to adapted sports, which are proven to develop fine and gross motor skills, анд stimulate children to reconnect with nature and the surrounding world.

Choosing the appropriate activities for every person with a disability is the key to improve his/hers quality of life – for achieving this, BCause relies on its partnership network of parents’ associations and day-care centers, where professionals work with the children and young people every day, and work together with therapists and trainers to develop individual or group training sessions, tailored to the needs and expectations of families, and, whenever possible, including the parents or local communities.


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