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Flutter supports Fund to Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence

There is no accurate statistics on the number of victims of domestic violence despite the summaries that every fourth woman has suffered. Financing through government-delegated budgets does not cover much of the real needs of organizations and crisis centres for women and children. On the other hand, donor programs assume that organizations have budgets.

The fund of BCasue is powered by corporate and private donations. Grants are distributed through competitions among organizations working in the field. The types of activities to be supported are:

  • Psychological and social counselling
  • Mediation in contacts with other institutions
  • Counselling with lawyer and lawsuits under the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence,
  • Hotline for victims
  • Mobile work with open reception in small settlements, so that women from the most remote villages can gain access to support in a situation of violence
  • Medical care, food, including baby food, medicines, clothes, shoes, accommodation for the women, suffer from domestic violence
  • Professional courses in manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, and waitresses for the women

Thank you for your support!

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