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Yavor’s Farewell Charity Campaign

Hey ladies and gents! I’ve made the tough decision to leave Ocado Tech after three EPIC years. My last day is this Friday, 5th August. I wanted to invite you to join my Farewell Charity Campaign as another EPIC thing that we can do together!

This year we’re getting some children on a swing for the very first time in their lives!


Many of you know that I’ve been a supporter of the Cedar Foundation for the last 7 years. The Cedar Foundation takes 24/7 care of 100 children and young adults with and without disabilities in family-type homes in the cities of Kiustendil and Kazanlak. The Cedar Foundation work at a world-class level and provide quality care that very few organisations in Bulgaria are capable of doing. 

The goal of this campaign is to, over three days, raise funds for one of the specialised swings for people in wheelchairs that is going to be installed in the yard of one of the houses that is a home for the children and young adults with the most serious conditions that prevent them from being able to travel and join the rest of the residents during summer camps, hikes, etc. Such specialised swings, apart from being fun, are important for the therapy of the kids. They help build balance and coordination, as well as fine motor skills that are very important for the daily lives as well as mental condition of the children and young adults.

Getting on a swing for the first time is EPIC! I'll lead the way with a donation of my own. Come join me in this campaign and let’s get some of these children on a swing for the very first time and help make a difference in their lives!

Every lev, euro and pound counts!

Thank you!

PS: The funds will go directly to the Cedar Foundation. 
PS2: For more info about Cedar: https://www.cedarfoundation.org/en/home/

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