Flutter is the largest global online operator in our sector and home of some of the world’s most innovative entertainment brands. Wе have over 700 talented people in Bulgaria and many more worldwide representing not just industry leaders, but forces for good. Our culture is international and diverse – we think global, act local. We foster an inclusive workplace for all our colleagues, where everyone can truly feel that they belong. We want to be a place that not only welcomes and encourages difference but truly draws on it. That creates fair odds for everyone. We have big ambitions to “Do More” and do it right. We support a range of charity partners, from small community groups to  non-profits around the world. Across our divisions, brands, and offices, we are taking action and encouraging our colleagues to get involved. 

Our Positive Impact Plan is our pledge to make a lasting difference. We aim to improve the lives of 10 million people by 2030, using the power and potential of our business and our people. 

Our plan is ambitious, but we believe it is achievable with your help! Please choose an initiative from bellow and join us on our journey to make a difference and positive impact.


Flutter's campaign with Platformata.bg

BCause Foundation is the official charity partner of the initiatve, and donations are processed via www.platformata.bg

Flutter supports Compassion Alzheimer's Foundation


"Promising undiscovered Olympic hopes" is a campaign to promote the well-being of people accommodated in the Nursing home for Adults with Dementia in Kazanlak through table tennis.The practice of table tennis among people with cognitive disorders, especially in the early stages of the disease, has a proven beneficial effect on health. In the Nursing home in Kazanlak, there are 10 men who are at an early stage of the disease, in good physical activity, have been active and have a strong desire to practice this type of sport.

The home does not have such equipment, and regular practice can significantly improve both the physical and cognitive function of consumers, mood and well-being and their overall quality of life, as well as reduce the stress and strain of caregivers.With the amount of BGN 4000, a ping-pong table and equipment will be purchased for 10 users and 8 staff of the Nursing home.

Thank you for your support!

Flutter supports Caritas Sofia


The kitchen in the day care center for the elderly in the village of Pokrovan is of vital importance for its residents, of whom 60 people live alone, and 10 of them cannot leave the house due to old age or illness.

For 22 years now, year-round and every day, the kitchen prepares nutritious food (soup and main course), which the chef and social workers of Caritas Sofia deliver to the homes of the most needy.

Along with this, the social workers from the Center's kitchen provide a different kind of help to improve the living conditions of the elderly. They help them in the household, contact a doctor, shop for necessary products, medicines, etc. They talk to them about their joys, pains and various needs. Communication is a very important part and support in the daily life of old people.

Flutter supports Fund to Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence


There is no accurate statistics on the number of victims of domestic violence despite the summaries that every fourth woman has suffered. Financing through government-delegated budgets does not cover much of the real needs of organizations and crisis centres for women and children. On the other hand, donor programs assume that organizations have budgets.

The fund of BCause is powered by corporate and private donations. Grants are distributed through competitions among organizations working in the field. The types of activities to be supported are:

  • Psychological and social counselling
  • Mediation in contacts with other institutions
  • Counselling with lawyer and lawsuits under the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence,
  • Hotline for victims
  • Mobile work with open reception in small settlements, so that women from the most remote villages can gain access to support in a situation of violence
  • Medical care, food, including baby food, medicines, clothes, shoes, accommodation for the women, suffer from domestic violence
  • Professional courses in manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, and waitresses for the women.

Thank you for your support!

Flutter supports the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center - Green Balkans


The Wildlife Rescue Centre is a specialized unit of Green Balkans’ work program concerned with the rehabilitation, treatment, recovery, and release of rare wild animals or species threatened with extinction. The Centre was created in the period 1990-1994 by activists of Green Balkans. The main fields of activity of the Center are: 

  • Healing and rehabilitation of rare animal species in distress and their return to the wild;
  • Breeding of rare species of birds of prey with long-term injuries that can’t be released back in nature;
  • Development of reintroduction programs and strengthening of population of the following species: Bearded vulture, imperial eagle, Eurasian Black vulture, Saker falcon and Lesser kestrel;
  • Provision of shelter for confiscated rare animal species subject to illegal trade;
  • Educational activities and environmental youth programs. 

The Rescue Centre has a clinic with specialized equipment, rehabilitation rooms, a quarantine room, different-sized aviaries for housing birds able to fly with a total area 6 800 m2. 

The main task of the Center is the treatment of wild animals in distress. It requires an average of BGN 2,000 per month. These are costs for medicines, consumables for the clinic - bandages, gauze, needles, syringes, specialized food for the Center's wild patients, gloves for the staff, equipment, fuel for transporting the sick animals.

Flutter supports Sport for children with disabilities Fund of BCause


In Bulgaria, children and young people with disabilities are granted access to medical rehabilitation therapies and treatment /through the NHIF/ and have the right to attend specialized day-care centers, where they receive physical therapies, as well as social rehabilitation services. However, they rarely can socialize with their peers; and do not have access to adapted sports, which are proven to develop fine and gross motor skills, stimulate children to reconnect with nature and the surrounding world.

Choosing the appropriate activities for every person with a disability is the key to improve his/hers quality of life – for achieving this, BCause relies on its partnership network of parents’ associations and day-care centers, where professionals work with the children and young people every day, and work together with therapists and trainers to develop individual or group training sessions, tailored to the needs and expectations of families, and, whenever possible, including the parents or local communities.

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