Endava is a leading next-generation technology services provider and helps accelerate disruption by delivering rapid evolution to enterprises. The company has 21 years of experience helping some of the world’s leading Payments, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, Consumer Products, Retail, Mobility, and Healthcare companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities. Endava has more than 10 000 employees located in the company’s offices on five continents. Along with investing in long-term customer relationships, Endava recognizes the importance of providing rewarding and challenging careers for our people and, by doing so, has established itself as the employer of choice in certain regions.


14 Dec 2021 - 17 Jan 2022

BCause Foundation is the official charity partner of the initiative, and donations are processed via www.platformata.bg



December is the month of generosity and support. Time for reflection and holiday miracles. As we at Endava and the Social Teahouse believe in Christmas miracles as well, let’s be the miracle for a group of young people whose destiny has not been very bright but regardless of that they keep fighting and believing in good.The Social Tea house is the first sheltered workplace for youngsters from social institutions who have been raised without parental care or supportive surroundings. By joining the Social Tea house, youngsters become part of a three years - long mentorship program...



This year we managed to make an unbelievable dream come, despite how unbelievable it once seemed. We created our project with great pleasure and excitement. We wanted to build a climbing wall in the saloon of our building in the “Orlandovtsi” neighborhood, where children with motor difficulties could climb the wall as a form of therapy.As it turns out this kind of physical activity has proven itself to be very beneficial for children with this kind of condition. Unfortunately it is quite challenging for less fortunate families to gain access to these kinds of facilities...

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